I first met Mareike in January 2014 after seeing an advertisement for one of her 12-week challenges on Facebook. I had started my fitness journey a couple of years earlier, lost a lot of weight and was searching for a more goal-orientated, sport-specific personal trainer. From the outset, I absolutely knew Mareike was a trainer who possessed an enormous passion for fitness, demonstrating care and integrity in the way she conducted her work. (opening paragraph)

I was impressed! Her professionalism and excellence was evident in all she produced, and given her exceptional personal feats in CrossFit and Bodybuilding, I knew she didn’t just talk the talk, but walked the walk also.

In the 18 months that I’ve worked with Mareike, I’ve grown stronger not only physically but also mentally. I’ve conquered a long-standing fear of failure and complacency, and I’ve generated a greater sense of self-belief and self-motivation, while also acquiring a tenacity I never dreamt I could possess. With six half marathons and a full marathon achieved in 2014/15, there’s much more to pursue and I’m excited about the next chapter of my fitness journey with Mareike!

Mareike Miller is far greater than your average generalist personal trainer; she is a fitness and well-being ‘coach’. Mareike will help you to discover a stronger, more determined version of yourself and she will endeavour to bring the absolute best out in you.

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