After having lost a lot of weight and won the battle with obesity, I wanted to gain muscle definition, strength, increase fitness, improve body shape and lose a final amount of body fat – and I approached Mareike for this support.

I looked up Mareike and was drawn to her story as I knew it would have taken a great amount of inner strength to create a healthier life for herself and I could relate to this, as this was the journey that I had started on my own.

Mareike’s initial assessment of my health was thorough, and she structured a training program targeting my goals, along with a nutrition program. She took the time to get to know me, my goals, fears, past health history, possible hurdles, food intolerances and reactions, life stresses and time available to train and prepare food.

My strength in body (and mind) has increased dramatically and now I am hitting personal bests on a weekly basis! During my time with her I have adapted goals and added to existing goals. She has supported each of these goals in the form of updated diets to achieve certain objectives, such as boosting my metabolism, then to reduce body fat. Mareike also provides me with 4 weekly programs with specific weights to aim for as I prepare for my first powerlifting competition, and as I improve, she provides me with new bench marks to hit.

Mareike has become my mentor, someone who I have learnt an incredible amount from. One area that I lacked knowledge in was the need and purpose of proper recovery. My life now includes a more holistic approach, where I treat myself like a woman who is determined to achieve my goals, rather than punish myself for not being what I thought was ideal. This mind shift has been massive, empowering and life changing and has been my most challenging part of my journey.

She continuously focusses on what I CAN do. This is very powerful as it helps to develop my positive attitude even more so, which generates more success. She knows that it isn’t about her telling you what to do, or her believing that you can. It is about quietly instilling a belief inside you through conversation and mentoring – believing that you can!

I recommend Mareike if you want to change your health for the better, with a holistic approach. I have learnt through training with her that a champion is not a person who does not have doubts and fears, but someone who learns to conquer them and push forward in spite of them. She has given me the support, knowledge and guidance to push forward in spite of my vulnerabilities and perceived weaknesses.

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