We know there's a connection between what we eat and how we feel, and we want to do better for ourselves.

But it can be a challenge to find dispassionate non-hyped information about what’s best to eat for your lifestyle and your goals. If you’re confused by the conflicting press releases on the latest nutrition research and diet books promoting the latest theory, and you want to find what really works for you now and for the long run then Nutrition Coaching can help.

As your nutrition coach I help you achieve health, performance and weight loss goals by using nutrition as a tool. We work together to facilitate the inclusion of healthy eating behaviours by combining accurate information with practical, real-world solutions that are individualised to your unique needs, lifestyle and goals by:

  • demystifying nutrition myths and fallacies
  • discussing the pros and cons of various diets and how they may relate to you
  • providing eating strategies for achieving your goals
  • calculating appropriate calorie consumption and macronutrient ratios for safe weight loss or weight gain, and athletic performance
  • teaching the health benefits of various food groups
  • clarifying healthy portion sizes
  • discussing healthy cooking options
  • teaching how to read food labels
  • teaching how to navigate dining out menus and options
  • teaching how to navigate supermarkets; and
  • evaluating eating plans and provide general guidance

Experience the ways in which having a coach in your corner can help you make healthy changes that fit within your weight loss, performance, and lifestyle needs.

Get in touch and start looking and feeling better today.